I’m an artist with 12 dollars left and a bunch of dreams, so I decided to create my own coin.

Oh and also a bunch of my degen friends are helping me out 😁.

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James Roberts : My dream is 10 mil and i will move to greece and open a cat rescue centre

The roadmap of our dreams

🚀 Launch of the NFT Collection « 12$ and a Dream »

1. Concept:
🎨 An NFT collection titled « 12$ and a Dream ».
🎭 Each NFT will represent an artist’s drawing as well as the dreams of the holders.

2. Collection Details:
🖼️ Total NFTs generated: 1000.
💰 Base price of each NFT: 1 SOL for the first 10 days, then 1 SOL as minimum bid price (auction).
🎉 Holders NFT: Chosen randomly from a form that will soon be available on the website (plus giveaways and other event winners).
Requirement: Have more than $12 in Dream for at least one week.

🎁 The NFT is airdropped for free.
🌟 Very active users (moderator, raider, early holder, and helper) can be chosen by the team to have their dream in an NFT.

3. Thematic Dreams:
💭 Thematic dreams will be proposed for the NFTs, adding a layer of interaction and creativity for the holders.
🎬 There will be common dreams, dreams of movie characters, series, and books.

4. Fund Distribution:
🔥 40% of the funds will be used to buy back $Dream and burn.
📢 40% of the funds will be allocated to marketing.
👥 20% of the funds will go to the team.

5. Purchase and Resale Fees:
💸 The same distribution (40% burn, 40% marketing, 20% team) will apply to the purchase and resale fees (5%).

Special NFT for Top Holders

1. Concept:
🌟 For special events, Top Holders can be rewarded with NFTs freely airdropped. Example: during the FUD on May 20, 2024, when the artist had to leave the stream due to his father’s condition, we screenshot the top 50 holders. If they still have their token at the time of the drawing, they will have a special NFT airdropped.

Auctions of « The Artist’s Creations”

1. Concept:
🖌️ Organize auctions to sell the artistic creations of The Artist.

2. Auction Details:
🎨 The paintings created by The Artist will be auctioned off.
🏷️ The starting price will be determined by The Artist.

3. Fund Distribution:
🧑‍🎨 50% of the SOL to The Artist
🏦 25% of the SOL to buy back $Dream which will be kept by the team ( for listing, KOL…)
🔥 25% of the Sol to buyback and burn $Dream

Short-Term Actions:

1. Live Improvements:
📺 Expanding live broadcasts to multiple platforms to reach a wider audience.

The drawing conception

2. Increased Social Media Presence:
• 📈 Boosting activity on Instagram and launching our TikTok account for maximum visibility.
📝 We will also be active on Reddit, posting across various channels to expand our reach.

3. More Raids:
• 🏴‍☠️ Increasing the number of raids to build community engagement and visibility.

4. More CT Drawing:
• ✏️ Like the Gamestop draw, The Artist will keep drawing important/funny crypto events to increase our visibility.

The NFT holders already draw will be minted and airdrop in the next few days. Send your address to the team within 10 days or it will be put up for sale. For this you can DM Saralzar in Telegram or dm him on twitter ( @Lazar_268)

The NFT collection is available here : 12$ and a Dream | SolSea

Yeah I’ve really 12$ left and yes if you want to track my wallet that’s my poor trading skills that brought me to $12 😁

To be a millionaire with that $12, we need to go to :

Goal: 284526212 market cap
Progress to the dream: 0.01%

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